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Lamat Land with value

Kankabal Community Bond


Kankabal Community is an investment option in real estate assets that makes you a member of the productive community in the Hacienda de Kankabal, Yucatán.


It combines an intelligent and efficient way of investing with the playful use of unique places.

It includes:


Sustainable villa for 8 people for 4 weeks a year

2 nights a year at Rio Lagartos Beach Club

4 nights a year at Estudio noox Rancho SF, Huasca, Hidalgo

3 nights a year in Coyoacán CDMX mini loft

2 hours a week meeting room business center Noox Networking, 12 units available in CDMX and Merida


Kankabal Factory shares will generate revenue, this income will be expended so you do not pay for basic maintenance or energy in your villa. In addition, you will be part of the Kankabal productive projects that initially include:

500 KW solar farm

Sale of carbon credits

Henequen Mezcal Distillery

Factory of pasta mosaics

Edible forest

Craft brewery


The section Lamat of Kankabal includes day trip to the Beach Club in Rio Lagartos.

Current share price $ 832,842 MXN



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1:30 hrs. from Mérida Airport
2:30 hrs. from Tulúm
56 min. from Chichen Itzá
56 min. from Valladolid
2 hrs. from Río Lagartos
28 min. from Izamal
2:40 hrs. from Cancún Airport

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