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Invest in a pool of the most profitable, small, practical, beautiful and sustainable properties, from 50 thousand pesos.


It is an investment backed by tangible real estate that you know and can use.

Being a partner of Pika Pool ensures you with a secure monthly income, in addition to an increase in the value of your action because the properties in which you invest are in development zones with the highest capital gain.


These spaces are managed in an efficient and transparent way by means of contracts for the provision of services, which provide a great added value to their users but do not give them the formal possession, this results in a rent generating scheme with low risk.



Current Value of Our Portfolio: $ 42,702,956.83 MXN

The estimated annual dividend is 10.5% per year

Estimated monthly yield .85% 41 rented properties.

Average unit value: $ 528,347.06 MXN

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