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It’s our series of stocks oriented in the investment of aged and underutilized buildings with the intention of transforming them quickly into sustainable buildings, divided into small spaces of offices, commercial spaces or minilofts and designed to be the most functional and efficient in the market.

We give our investors attractive returns with a limited risk level.


We do not demolish, we try to rescue the heritage and architectural value of buildings to achieve projects that recover in the short term saving not only time but environmental costs as well.

Added value

These projects are intervened from the beginning by artists, and in their rescue, they become creative spaces. At the end, the common areas are spaces for the exhibition of the Noox gallery, and will be managed efficiently within the Noox Networking system for workspaces and Noox lofts for residential use. Our projects will always have life and the future continuity of our spaces will always be taken care of.

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